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We manufacture high tech Valve Stem Seals for many years. As the technology grew from umbrellas, caps, wipers, sleeves or similar rubber articles to Valve Stem Seal, the most important argument for the application of Valve Stem Seal to engine manufacturers is reduction of Oil consumption through Valve train. Our designs of Valve Stem Seals fulfill the basic requirement of:-

  1. Metered Oil feed over the Seal life.
  2. Small power loss.
  3. Long Useful life.

A consistent oil metering small power loss and achievement of the best life of Valve Stem Seal is the question of tuning between the Valve Stem Seal design, the oil being used the physical properties of the elastomer and the Valve Stem surface (hardness & surface finish),

The wiping effect of the Valve Stem Seal in the dynamic mode is achieved through the radial force applied to Valve Stem, the lip contact angle (Oil side), and the spring cantilever arm.

The most important, ‘radial force’ is achieved partly due to the expansion of the polymeric sealing lip and partly from the tensioned garter spring/metal ring. The oil supply to the Valve components varies according to the sealing lip can be influenced by design alterations in the sealing lip geometry. Also they are designed to maintain the grip of elastomer seating greater then the force exerted on the Seal by the reciprocation of the Valve Stem in its working conditions. Our Valve Stem Seals lead to:-

  1. A reduction of oil consumption
  2. A metering of lubricant to the valves
  3. A reduction in exhaust valve coking
  4. A sealing against gas leakage through gas contamination
  5. A reduction of the noxious content of exhaust gases.

The most important property demanded of Valve Stem Seal material is thermal capability of elastomers with medium being sealed. Today almost all Valve Stem Seals are being made of flouroelastomer (Viton, Dyneon etc.) or PTFE because of high performance requirements. Garter spring/Metal ring is required to give constant spring force during entire useful life of Valve Stem Seals.

Fitment Condition
Various values of ‘Push on Force’ & ‘Pull off Resistance’ have been established by us for automatic fitment. As earlier discussed, the grip of Seal seating should be more than force exerted on the Seal by the reciprocation of Valve Stem. For this we have specially designed imported equipment to determine ‘Maximum Push on Force’ & ‘Minimum Pull off resistance’ of Valve Stem Seal at elevated temperature.

Valve Stem Seals are basically Oil Seals but are not designed for complete oil Sealing. They are designed for oil metering over longer period of life so that Valve Stem Seals should be able to retain the oil and also allow some quantity of oil to pass through annulus between the Valve Stem outer diameter and the Valve guide inner bore to avert Valve train seizure.

We are fully equipped to design, develop and test the Valve Stem Seal. Various equipment like performance test rigs and fitting force test rigs have been installed and expectations of various OEMs are being met.


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