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Engineering Application Data for Shaft Seal
Nomenclature Part No
Operating Conditions
  • Shaft Diameter
  • Shaft Rotational Peed (RPM)
  • Shaft Material
  • Shaft Hardness
  • Shaft Surface Roughness
  • Housing Material
  • Housing Diameter
  • Housing Depth
  • Dynamic Condition of Shaft/Housing
Reciprocating   Oscillating   Rotating
  • *Direction of Rotation (Please Tick)
CW   CCW   Bi-directional
  • Shaft to Bore misalignment (TIR)
  • Dynamic shaft run out (TIR)
Sealing Medium  
  • Fluid type
  • Level related to shaft
  • Maximum operating temperature °C/F
  • Temperature range °C/F
  • Pressure
Application details  
  • Whether extraneous material sealed such as Mud Slurry, Heavy Dirt etc.
  • Seal underlip temperature °C (if available)
  • Degree of arc if oscillating motion & cpm.
  • Length of stroke if reciprocating motion & cpm.
  • Direction of shaft entry
With lip   Against lip
Performance testing  
  1. Test specification
  • Validation
  • Performance
Service life expectations
Contact person
Phone No

*When viewed from front of the engine or air side of seal.

Note : -

  • Use separate form for different part number
  • All dimensions are in mm unless stated otherwise
  • Include assembly view for better clarity.

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