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From the time of leather Seals or mechanically fixed elastomer sealing lips, there had been great development in Anti-Fluid Sealing. The press vulcanization of the sealing member & its enhanced fluid capability and heat resistance over period of time made possible reliable sealing newer engines.

Our radial lip seals fulfill the basic requirements of being leak tight with a minimal frictional loss at the point of Sealing & satisfactory service life over longer period of time. The manufacturing of radial lip seals involves comprehensive know-how, continuous development and specialized production equipment. For this reason only the raw material are bought in i.e., raw rubber, fillers, retarders, plasticizers, steel sheets bonding agent & spring steel wire; all other processing & compounding is done in house.

Our Seals meet the Quality requirements as per relevant standards viz IS: 5125/5129, SAE-J-110/111, JIS-B-2402, DIN-3760.

The main areas of our seals are in vehicles and engine construction such as Crankshaft, Camshaft, Gearboxes, Rear axles, Differentials and wheel bearings.

Our Seals mainly consists of either Rubber clad, Metal clad or closed type Seals which are most common, The Sealing lip is molded with metal ring & consists of elastomer element and spiral spring. Other designs of Seals are also made as per customer’s drawings and specifications.

Static sealing of the radial lip is affected by mean of radial force exerted on the shaft by radial lip. In the dynamic sealing, hydrodynamic grooves are provided for pump back action of sealing lip towards the oil side, Seal are also doubled and tripled lip for dust or moisture protection. The hydrodynamic grooves are either unidirectional or birotational. All other features meet the demand of effective oil sealing. We are one of the few in India to produce molded lip Seals as per International Trend.


Various elastomers are used in shaft sealing such as Nitrile, Poly-acrylic, Silicone, Flouroelasotomer, HNBR etc. Selection is made with regards to the following influences:

  1. Temperature level attributable to friction
  2. Peripheral speed of shaft
  3. Temperature of medium
  4. Chemical effect of the medium
  5. Pressure loading at the part of Sealing.

We at Paul Components are fully equipped for design, development and testing of Radial lip rotary shaft seals specially the engine Seals. In the recent part hundreds of Seals have been developed and are being produced by us with satisfying field results.


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