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Paul Components offers bonded PTFE lip Seals providing a Sealing System by unitizing a bonded PTFE wafer type Sealing lip with steel wear sleeve. This unique version is capable of handling contamination and oil degradation effects over longer period of time. This Unitized Seal has many advantages over assembled *PTFE lip Seals and flouroelastomer lip Seals due to mainly following reasons: -

  • PTFE material is bonded to rubber elastomer.
  • Bonder rubber OD or sealant coated metal OD.
  • Sealant Coated Inner Steel Ring.
  • Axial Sealing lip for excluding dirt.
  • Unitized Construction.
  • Suitable for Crankshaft Sealing application experiencing excessive temperature & speed
Design Variable Non Unitized
(Assembled PTFE Seal)
(Bonded PTFE Seal)
PTFE wafer support Two PTFE wafers are mechanically held between and inner and outer cup with an ‘O’ Ring asbestos gasket preventing leakage internally between the cups. Incorrect assembly or flaws in any of the components could result in internal leakage. One PTFE wafer is bonded to the rubber, which also provide a beaded outer diameter. All potential internal leak paths are eliminated when the components are bonded together during molding.
Dirt exclusion lip A separate radial PTFE wafer, providing only a barrier to external contaminates. As axial, rather than a radial dirt lip, lengthens the distance between the primary lip and the dirt lip, giving a longer leak path. Rotation of the sleeve flange provides a slinger action radially outward, away from the oil-sealing surface.
O.D. Sealant Metal O.D. with layer of O.D. sealant offers some protection against static leakage due to minor bore imperfection or damage. Beaded rubber O.D. offers maximum sealability to bore imperfections, axial scratches, rough finishes high oversize bores, aluminum retainers, etc.
Number of components
  1. Outer metal L-Cup
  2. ‘O’ Ring/Gasket
  3. Oil Sealing PTFE wafer
  4. Dirt lip exclusion PTFE wafer
  5. Inner metal L-Cup
  6. Outside diameter sealant
  1. Seal metal L-Cup
  2. Rubber
  3. Dirt and oil sealing lip PTFE wafer
  4. Wear Sleeve

The unitized bonded PTFE Seal offers several design advantages over the assembled PTFE, laminated PTFE, and flouroelastomer Seals:

  • Improves on contaminant exclusion with an axial slinger lip.
  • Reduces the number of components required for the assembled design, which in turn eliminates the potential leak path.
  • Combines the Seal and sleeve into one package (unitized), eliminating possible damage to the PTFE wafer during handling or installation (unitized implies a single package in which the major elements cannot be separated).
  • Provides a rubber O.D. to eliminate O.D. leakage in poorly manufactured housing bores.

PTFE Seals in comparison with flouroelastomer lip Seals offer advantage of low under lip temperature, good hot and ultra low temperature lip followability.


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