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Precisioned Shaft ‘Wear Sleeves’

Wear Sleeve
Wear Sleeve is a highly engineered metal sleeve used on worn out or new shafts.
If a groove is worn into the Seal contact area of the Shaft, an effective Sealing cannot be guaranteed on that shaft even if leaking Seal is replaced by a new one. Paul Components offers metal sleeves, which can restore the shaft surface and eliminate the need to remetalise and regrind or replace the surface area. Once it is in place, it provides a Sealing surface that is superior to the most original shaft finishes & materials.

Shaft Digging a serious problem
Shafts that rotate on high speeds like Crankshafts experience shaft polishing friction due to contact between rotating shaft & Seal. As demands increase in the Sealing environment, wear can accelerate. Dust, heat, dirt, shaft speed & lack of lubrication can all cause a Seal lip to groove the shaft. The ultimate result is a leak.

Installation can be done with the help of special, inexpensive tool. It needs no special shaft preparation or machining before installation. Each sleeve is build with a removable installation flange to allow ”pull on” installation.
Since the installation is done without removing the shaft it leads to reduced equipment downtime. After fitting the sleeve, flange can be torn through tear groove (Pre-cut line) by prying the flange away from the Seal surface horizontally along the shaft axis after the sleeve position.

Sleeve can be removed either by applying some heat which will cause the sleeve to expand & come out or can be ripped with a pair of wire cutters by using the twisting motion at the start of flange. After removal it can be replaced in a same way as a new Sleeve.

Sleeve not only freshens the grooved area but can also undertake rust prevention since it is made of corrosion resistant material. The Seal contact surface is factory finished to 10-20 micro inches with machine lead angle of 0 ± 3 minutes.


  • Easy to use; saves labour & downtime cost of repairing worn out shafts. Requires no change in Seal size due to its thin walls, can be supplied to suit shafts of various sizes upto 8” O.D.
  • Boon to customer as it gives trouble free life after O.E.M. warranty period; adds to reputation of O.E.M.; Advantage from marketing point of view.
  • Extends long life to Seal. Available in kits consisting of Seal & machine sleeve.
  • Corrosion resistant –Protects Seal from leaking due to shaft rusting in humid environments.
  • Does not require expensive machining of shaft. Cost can be cut down on expensive shaft finishing & surface treatment.
  • Latest technology, International concept.


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