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ASTM D1418 Accepted Synonyms or Trade Names Chemical Makeup Comments Mode of Failure Relative Material Cost
NBR NitrileBuna-N Copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitirle Versatile, good processing. Acrylonitrile contents range 18% (good low temperature)to 50% (good oil and heat resistance). Many options for cure systems. Unsaturated. Usually Hardening 1.0
XNBR Carboxylated Nitrile Copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile with additional acid eater groups Additional cross-linking sites improve some physical properties. Processing impaired. Unsaturated. Usually Hardening 1.2
Vamac Copolymer of ethylene, methyl acrylate and a monomer to facilitate vulcanization Essentially saturated. Fair low temperature properties. Fail low temperature properties. Fair oil resistance. Poor/fair processing. Few cure and viscosity options available. Usually Hardening 2
ACM Acrylate PA Copolymers of various acrylates and a monomer to facilitate vulcanization. Essentially saturated. Recent versions have fair (-40oC) low temperature properties. Poor to fair processing. Few viscosity variations. Few cure system options. Wear and/or Hardening 2.5
VMQ Silicone An organo-siloxane polymer with substituent vinyl and methyl groups. Saturated. Low tear strength, thermally stable and heat resistance in dry state. Good low temperature properties. Swell high in petroleum fluids, but reversible with temperature. Easy processing. Usually Reversion 6
FKM Fluoro-elastomerViton Fluorel Copolymer of vinylidene fuoride and perfluoro-propylene. Saturated. Resistant to a variety of fluids. Fair low temperature properties. Thermally stable and heat resistant without reversion. Poor/fair processing. Some viscosity variations available. Usually Set, With Varnish Buildup 20
HNBR Highly saturated Nitrile. NBR with double bonds removed through saturation process. Good abrasion, oil, and EP additive resistance, Good high and low temperature performance. Set, Varnish Buildup 15
PTFE Teflon Poly Tetra Fluoro-ethylene Excellent Oil & chemical resistance excellent temperature range.-50 to 300 oC -- 25


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